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Title: Wrestler and the drunk

Views: 65534

Wrestler and the Drunk
Peter Shadow vs Joe Justice

Musclemen Joe is drinking before training. Shame on him! He drinks too much vodka and falls asleep in the ring. Judo master Peter arrives for his scheduled training and he becomes very mad when he sees his sleeping partner on the floor. He throws a bucket of cold water on his face and wakes Joe up. Joe becomes very angry and the fight begins.

Both guys have more than 10 years of fighting history, so the fight is amazing, exciting and intense. Although Peter dominates the fight, Joe has some moves on his belt ! Peter shows off his great wrestling and judo techiniques and what makes this fight unique is a long wrestling session with hard-ons.

Peter defeats Joe and disciplines him using his long cock during a very rough oral and fucking anal action.

Title: The power of the giant

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The Power of the Giant!
Max Summers-Brandon Steel vs Chris Hacker

Superstar Max and muscletwink Brandon are practising in the ring while 6'7" giant Chris is doing push-ups. The two wrestlers seem to enjoy each other's company and they go together to the changing room with flirtatious smile on their faces. They start to have sex passionately in the changing room when Chris arrives. He cannot believe what he sees and because he is super straight guy, he gets very mad and starts to beat up his sportmates.

The fight continues in the ring. Although it's a 2-on-1 fight with 3 strong and skilled wrestlers it's very equal because of the unbelieveble size of the giant muscleman. Chris humiliates the two gay wrestlers in a very cruel way. After a very intense wrestling session, Chris uses them as puppets and has them rimming each other then sits on Brandon's face. After that, he has them kneeling in doggy position while he's fingering their asses.

The sex is as dirty and intensive just like the wrestling. Chris fucks Max and Brandon in 3 humiliating positions, at the end he has them cumming into their hands and making them eat it up until the last drop !!

Title: 2nd Anniversary Cumshot Compilation

Views: 65534


As a THANK YOU.. WrestleHard is giving you a HOT compilation of its best cumshots video clips between June 2008-May 2010. Huge loads in various wrestling holds, dirty orgy cumshots, and of course, brutal punishment as the loser gets it up in his ass !! Just a way to thank all of you for your continuous support !

Title: Chris Stone v Two Newcomer Twinks

Views: 65534

Wrestling Lesson Gone Wrong
Chris Stone vs. Tony Tiger and Ken Parker

Master Chris is teaching his two new beautiful twink students. Although they look very athletic, they know nothing about wrestling. That makes the mature master upset and starts to treat his students in a very bad way with lots of slapping and verbal humiliation. Finally, one of the guys has enough of this treatment and decides to attack the muscleman. That is a big mistake !!

Chris is much stronger than these two together and shows them what real punishment and discipline is. He treats them like puppets, grabs the two and plays with them like they are his slaves. They have to kiss like little pussies, lick each other's ass and suck Master Chris Stone's hard dick. There are lots of hot action in this video like when Chris throws one twink over the other, or when he lifts them up and throws them out of the ring and then there is the super erotic double bearhug! You want to see hard wrestling? You got it! These 3 wrestlers show how to wrestle with dick as hard as iron. In the end, Chris fucks both of the young wrestlers so at least they learn how to be fucked even if they have no talent for the sport.

Title: Max_Summers_v_Garrett_Felado-Tatooed_Junior

Views: 65534

Max Summers v Garrett Felado-Tatooed Junior

Garrett and Junior are prisoners and are fighting for their life inside prison. They are very angry and desperate because they haven't eaten for two days. Sadistic guard Max arrives with two bowls of "pig-wash". The guys stop fighting and ask the hunky guard for food. Max doesn't give it to them and with an evil smile on his mouth he spits in it and pulls out his dick and mixes the food with it. The prisoners, upon seeing this, become super mad. They shake the bars and call the guard "Motherfucker!!". Max decides to discipline the guys. He unlocks the door and enters to punish the guys with policeman's nightstick. The prisoners unarm the cocky, wise-ass guard and a wrestling session starts between the two smaller prisoners and the one giant muscleman.

They undress Max who is trying to keep up with them. Max at 6'5", 260 lbs is still no match against the 2 smaller but equally muscled prisoners. Max lifts up Junior often and throws him onto Garrett as if he was throwing a ragdoll !! Lots of nice and very intense 2-on-1 wrestling action follows. Sometimes, Max knocks out one of the prisoners for a few minutes and fights only with one of them. However, when the two prisoners are conscious, they punish Max and push him to his limits. At one point, the prisoners forcefeed the pig-wash to Max ! One holds him whilt the other gutpunches and nipple/ball tortures the giant. They push the nightstick into his ass and laugh at the cocky guard.

Finally the giant guard has to suck the prisoners' cocks. 2 cocks in one mouth - HOT !! The prisoners suck him too in front of the bars then they fuck Max in three very mercilessly intense fucking positions. Max has to cum into the pig-wash ball and has to eat that awful shit food. After the cumshots the prisoners lock Max behind the bars and leave him there to rot !


Views: 65534

Brocky Brown- Chris Stone v Max Summers- Enrico Belaggio

First foursome wrestling in the history of Wrestlehard.com! Video starts in the new prison ring with muscleman prisoner Enrico and superhot giant bodybuilder Max doing their exercises. Chris "Lord of Pain" Stone appears with Body-building competitor Brocky and the Titans start to wrestle. The other guys stop their training and watch the wrestlers. They are trying make them upset by yelling "losers" at them and calling them "untalented little girls and ridiculous primadonnas".

This is way too much for the super-agressive Chris. He then tears of his shirt and goes to the other guys and challenges them for a foursome wrestling session.

First, all guys wrestle in speedos- Brocky and Chris against Max and Enrico. Finally our "Lord of Pain" finds his equal opponent in the much bigger and heavier Max. Both have very good fighting skills. Max is bigger but Chris is more agressive and crazier than anyone else. He puts Max in a hold where he almost cries.

Next is a full-nelson contest where we can see which team has the stronger hold. American style wrestling follows this is when tag-team wrestling begins. A pair of wrestlers go at it and then tag their partners when they get a chance. Everyone wrestle with everyone. Sometimes the action is very unfair because the weight difference between the two bigger and the two smaller guys are 40-60 lbs.

Finally Chris knocks out Max and he and Brocky grabs Enrico. They tie him up to the prison bars and gutpunch him mercilessly while they laugh on Enricco's suffering. As Max wakes up he attacks the two guys and in a very dirty 2-on-1 naked action but the combines strength of Chris and Brocky proves too much for Max and they put into a humiliating ball torture and then beat up Enrico after he escapes from being tied up.

The losers have to suck the two victorious guys in variuos positions and a very intense and sexy orgy fuck begins with these musclebound guys. The winners cum while face-sitting on the losers and Max and Enrico have no choice but to lick the ones who beat them feeling like real prison bitches !!! THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE HOTNESS OF THIS PRISON WRESTLING !!


Views: 65534

Win "The Cannibal Monster" Diezel vs. Joe "The Pizza boy"

Crazy Master Win is doing his wrestling exercises in the ring when cute twink, Joe, arrives with a pizza order for Win. The hungry big muscleman is very happy for the pizza, but when he grabs a slice it appears that it's way too cold. He asks the twink to take it back and bring a new one. The pizza guy does the worst thing he can do in a situation like this - he flips the giant with his middle finger and decides to leave. The cruel giant becomes ultra-mad at the little bastard and with testosterone flowing in his muscled body, he grabs the pizza boy and throws him in the ring !

A very unfair wrestling session starts with loud and cruel verbal agressions, forced pizza feeding, toe sucking, spitting, humiliating wrestling holds and throws. Win plays with the 80 lbs smaller guy's body like it is an insect that needed to be crushed! At least Joe learns to fly like an insect as he is thrown like a ragdoll !!!

The poor guy is quite brave and tries to resist with pitiful punches and kicks but it just looks ridiculous against the Cannibal Monster who obviously owns him. The monster amuses himself by letting Joe throws some punches at him but then he eats up the warm twink instead of the cold pizza....

The sex is even more humiliating than the wrestling. The pizza guy has to jerk Win's dick with his feet first, then Win wipes his butthole with the pizza, farts on it and forcefeeds it to Joe!! He gets pizza slices into every holes in his body, sometimes together with Win's huge anaconda dick which looks like a big hot dog between two slices of buns. At the end the Cruel monster cums in a facespin position while Joe licks his butthole. The pizza boy cums with Win's dick in his ass.

Title: Fight of the Year!

Views: 65534

Chris Stone vs. Fernando Nielsen

WrestleHard's Superhero, Chris "Lord of Pain" Stone, meets a real rival this time. Superstar bodybuilder giant Fernando Nielsen (6'4", 270lbs pure muscle!) is posing in the ring. Chris arrives and Fernando asks him nicely to teach him how to wrestle. Our superfighter has his evil grin on his face while he puts some oil on the muscletower and teaches him the surfboard and the double nelson hold. The strong hold is getting painful for Fernando and asks Chris to stop. Chris just laughs at him and says "The fucking pain is part of the wrestling and I won't stop!". Fernando is in a lot of pain but then he escapes from the hold and angrily attacks our supermuscle with all of his 270lbs of beef.

Super hot wrestling session begins with bearhugs, facespins, nelson, bacbreakers, arm extensions and sleepers. After a very tough gutpunch Chris knocks out the giant who is not as tough as Chris with gloves on his hands. Chris takes off his speedo and forcefeeds his dick at Fernando, then applies a painful nipple and ball torture. Fernando gets lucky and escapes again using his incredible power and what follows is an intense, energetic and excellent naked wrestling. At the end Chris' domination continues as he steps on the loser's face with a double bicep pose shouting "No one can defeat the Lord of Pain!".

Indeed, Chris proves he is also the Lord of Sex as he demands a blowjob from the defeated giant, a hot 69 blow exchange, and then intense fucking. At the end Chris cums on Fernando(face sitting position) as poor Fernando licks the champion's butthole.

Title: Brocky Brown-Alfredo Castaldo v James Jones

Views: 65534

Brocky Brown vs Alfredo Castaldo v James Jones

Superhot, young bodybuilding competitor Brocky and tough bodybuilder Alfredo is armwrestling. Georgeous twink, James, is supervising the game. The biceps of these two bodybuilders are straining with veins popping all over and both are equally strong so no clear winner. James tries to keep the match clean and always interrupts the fighters. They become seriously mad and attack the poor twinky referee. A very evil wrestling session starts, which is anything but fair. They throw James up the wall, shouting at him, then practice lots of nice holds on the skinnier beauty.

Suddenly they get mad at each other because both want a bigger piece of James, like hungry lions. They throw their boytoy like a ragdoll and a very intense grappling session starts between the two musclegods. James tries to come back sometimes to stop the fight as the ambassador of peace, but they always kick him out from the ring and punish him hard.

These guys have great endurance, so the match is full of action. Gutpunches, bearhugs and scissors(sometimes with poor James in the middle), boston crabs, face spins, nelsons, sleepers, cradles, lots of dual posing above the defeated twink, backbreakers and torture rack.

James does not take the hint and comes back from the side of the ring while the two giants become very mad at him screaming "What the fuck is this mosquito doing here?"
They forcefeed their speedo at him in addition to nipple and ball torture, lots of slapping, spitting and deepthroating the twink with two GIANT dicks at the same time. They also finger the poor guy before fucking his brains out ! They end with dual muscle pose further humiliating the poor twink.
The FULL-Lenght video is 35 minutes!

Title: Mangiatte twins v Rod Stevens

Views: 65534

Mangiatte twins v Rod Stevens

First time ever in WrestleHard - A very dirty and unfair 2-on-1 video !!
Supercute Mangiatte twins start an underground style wrestling in the new abandoned and broken down basement ring. Referee and bodybuilder Rod Stevens is seen wearing a sexy bow-tie tries to keep the twins in control, but the action gets so heated and the sexy twins throws him out of the ring. Rod gets very angry, strips down to his jockstrap and jumps in the middle of the two huge twins to punish them. A very unfair game starts where the twins beats up and humiliates the poor referee.

Rod has some muscles and skills in him that he is able to stop the assault of the twins but beating 2 guys can be very tiring. When Rod gets tired , the twins take advantage by doing a tag wrestling but the better built Rod seems to be stronger than just one twin, so they tag each other very often to get Rod to submit. Finally, the twin powers defeat and demolish the musclehunk.

The twins suck Rod's dick and their faces are so close to each other on each side of Rod's dick which is an amazing turn-on for both. They mercilessly fuck Rod in several positions watching each others muscles all the time. Finally, Rod acknowldges defeat and exploded his cum while put in a pretzel-twisted-out leg bar extension position. Needless to say, this video's wrestling action and fucking scenes will make you double your pleasure !

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